Tips for Downloading Pokémon Go on Your Android Device

Tips for Downloading Pokémon Go on Your Android Device

It is no more news that Pokémon Go is at last official and letting people having well-suited devices throw themselves into the somewhat addictive game. Of course, this latest development is all about making our childhood dreams come true! People can now walk around the world, gather hoards of Pokémon, develop them, and make other Pokémon trainers ineffective!

Irrespective of Where you Live

This interesting game was launched early this month (July 2016) in some regions of the world, and this was a disappointment to all the enthusiasts of the game residing elsewhere. The good news is that Pokémon Go game can now be downloaded officially on your Android and iOS, irrespective of where you live.

Downloading Pokémon Go on Android or iOS

In order for Pokémon Go from Nintendo to run, it needs to be downloaded on Android 4.4 or latest version or iOS 8.0 or latest version.

You may encounter some problems when downloading this game. Discussed below is what you should do to overcome any challenge you have.

Troubleshooting for Android

In situation where Google Play is telling you that your device is not qualified for downloading the game, don’t worry. You can still side load the Pokémon Go APK and take pleasure in it to the best of your ability.

However, ensure that you have Unknown sources allowed below Settings > Security on your Android device. It is just that easy!

Troubleshooting for iOS

If you have problem downloading this game on your iOS or you cannot locate the game on the App Store, it means that your App Store location is not an Australian or US one. This will rather make getting the game downloaded a bit difficult. All you need to do in this case is to make yourself an Australian-based iTunes account.

How many Pokémon have you got already, if you are enjoying the game all this while?

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