Pokemon Go App in India

Pokemon Go App in India

Pokemon Go app has become viral and everyone is talking about the app these days. This app is a reality-based gaming app developed by Nintendo and soon became the first app that can be played on smartphone based on iPhone, iPad, and Android device. We missed Windows here, but the developers are still planning to launch the app in Windows stores as well.

This game was initially launched officially in Australia, New Zealand and the US like states. You can visit online sites to check how to download and install the app. If you are residing in these countries then downloading is no more a problem but you are non-resident of these countries still the things are easier for you. You can download and install the app by entering countries names where the app is installed and then start the downloading process. You can play this game in India as well but you need to know few things before moving further.

You cannot play the play inside

Once you start playing the game indoors, you will see the Pokemon not working properly even if you have a 4G internet connection. You need to move out of your home or office and then you can enjoy playing Pokemon games.

Play safe

It is advised not to play this game on the Indian roads. In India, we all know how people follow road safety rules. This Pokemon game requires 100% attention from the player so avoid playing while driving or moving on the road.

No Game Play without the Internet

Many places that are not connected to the Internet will find the Pokemon Go app completely unresponsive. Your 2G and even 3G internet connection won’t work to play the game on your mobile. This game wants to move outside so need to have Wi-Fi connectivity as well.

The game consumes a lot of battery

If you are a battery conscious then it is advised not to download the game. As already informed, the game needs a strong Internet connection and a location tracker so you may need to carry a power bank but this really is a bad idea.

No Doubt the game is a complete fun to play

This game gives you the real experience of walking around the world of cute Pokemons with the amazing design of the cards. This game is designed after careful observation and the main focus being only on the exploration part.

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