Play Old Pokemon GameBoy Games

Play Old Pokemon GameBoy Games

The people who love role playing games will also enjoy the Pokemon GameBoy games. Japan is the country where this game was initially launched by Nintendo, and then it was released worldwide. This is an adventurous game, which player will enjoy a lot. The players get a chance to go on an adventure, playing the role of a young boy. The real-side player can watch what the young boy is doing from the perspective of the overhead viewer. A player basically can see three screens in this game. Field Map, Battle screen, and Menu screen. The field map is used to navigate the scene, battle screen to see the battle against the pokemon and players and the last but not the least is the menu screen where a player is free to change the settings of the game being played.

Initially, the player starts with a single Pokemon, and when the game level increases the number and the power of Pokemon increases. The player can collect more pokemons on their way to the game. They collect Pokemon by throwing their Poke Ball, battle and catch them. When a Pokemon monster stays inside the PokeBall, the player can officially become the owner of that particular Pokemon. This Pokemon gets added to their collection.

When the battle between the players starts, both of the teams choose their Pokemon that will be used at the time of the battle. The win in the battle is decided by the number of hit points a team has, the team with zero hit points win the battle at the end. The pokemon used by the winning team also gain an experience point that makes them stronger and powerful. This allows them to make more hits in the next battle. These points help Pokemon to raise their level up and further evolve. If any player come across any character who don’t want to battle, then that character have the option to leave the game. The players are free to use other items in the battle.

A new update has been made in the game that allows players to see and follow their first Pokemon. The characters introduced now can talk with the Pokemon and the Pokemon do have the choice to get extra items.

Pokemon GameBoy games are one of the best options from other GameBoy collection of Pokemon Games.

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