Download Pokémon Shuffle for iPhone and Android

Download Pokémon Shuffle for iPhone and Android

This Pokemon Shuffle is a free to download Puzzle game developed by well-known Genius Sonority studio, published by The Pokémon, Japanese Company for the Nintendo 3DS gaming console by Nintendo. The Pokemon shuffle game is another addition to the Pokémon gaming series and is almost similar to the Pokémon Battle Trozei gameplay that was released last year in the month of February. The mobile-version of the game was officially released in the same month of the same year.

As already said, Pokémon Shuffle game is similar in the gaming strategy to the Pokémon Battle Trozei game, is an interesting puzzle game where different players fight with other Pokémon in order to match 3 or more than that Pokémons provided on the bottom of the players’ screen. This task is accomplished when the player swap around the Pokemon provided at the bottom of their screen.

The players have the option to support four different Pokémons depending upon the type of pokemon like water Pokémon can affect fire-based items or opponents. These pokemons have an extra power to deal with the pokemons emitting fire. The Players take different moves and progress with the rising stage and get winning coins. The Pokémon of the winning team gains experience.  After a stage is completed, players get a chance to throw the ball and catch the pokemon. In the case, he or she fails to catch the Pokemon, and then they can use their coins to buy Great Balls in order to increase their chances of a win.

In the case, a player defeats Pokémon trainers, he or she gets Mega Stones, enabling Pokemons to start Mega Evolution after the player successfully matches and grants bonus effects to them. The Players are free to unlock the Expert levels. This can be done by defeating a particular Pokemon within a given time limit and applying unlimited moves.

The game is a freemium game that means although the game is free but some part of the game asks you to spend real-money to make in-app purchases. This format wants the player to get a hearts at each stage, and the player can get up to five hearts if he or she wait for a certain period of time. The coins earned by the players can be used make purchases like buying extra moves, before entering the first stage in order to increase the fighting power.


Download Pokémon Shuffle Mobile for Android

Download Pokémon Shuffle Mobile for iPhone

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In the case, the player wants to earn Extra hearts and coins, then the player needs to use jewels, which can be earned either by defeating trainers or purchasing via Nintendo eShop funds.

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