The Best Stories about Pokemon GO Game

The Best Stories about Pokemon GO Game

During the Pokemon GO, you will come through many challenges, real or unreal stories and have a great fun. In the next rows, we will try to present you some exciting happenings with this popular Pokemon game.

As the game begins, you expect the plot going on but suddenly some unbelievable things happen. The stories we are going to give you will leave you wordless.

The story has to do with the girl who was playing Pokemon GO Game when she came across the dead body. She was really impressed by the game looking to capture more Pokemon when this story happened.  The body was near her and it came to be the accidental death. Eventually, she called the police and continue with the game.

The next story deals with employees who enjoy playing Pokemon at working hours. This is so ungrateful for business companies to lose productivity with the labor force playing Pokemon. Because of this, many chiefs have already informed employees to leave Pokemon for home. As a result, there are many notices saying that employees must work at working hours instead of playing the fictional game.

The following story reports about a man who woke up at 3 am and decided to play Pokemon. He called another two guys who were doing the same thing and they go out to continue. As the police came across, they hardly convinced them that Pokemon Go is the reason for gathering at night. Moreover, they persuaded policemen to give a try to Pokemon GO.

After these stories, you will certainly be affected to try on your own with this crazy experience. Join now and have a good time this summer.


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