Download Pokemon Go for Windows Phone & Windows 10

Download Pokemon Go for Windows Phone & Windows 10

By now, we know that Pokemon Go app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices. Microsoft Portugal has given a hint for its customers that the company is planning to introduce the app to Microsoft stores as well. Many of the customers who have seen this app on other platforms complaint about the unavailability of this app on their Microsoft devices. After receiving many complaints, the company has assured its potential customers to take steps in the required direction.

Pokemon Go app has become famous and a lovable past time of many and has brought a storm of Pokemon world across the world. There is no denying this fact that the Game, a Pokemon-reality-based game has gathered a considerable fan following that can never be compared with any other mobile-based games available in the online market. But still, there are some parts of mobile based devices like Windows that are restricted to playing this game on their device.

Most of the Windows Phone users are regularly complaining about the release of this reality-based mobile gaming app on other platforms like iPhone,iPad and Android and request to launch the app compatible with their OS as well. Many posts have been received via Facebook like apps that ask reply from the Microsoft Portugal, and recently an answer to all those queries was given. Microsoft Portugal confirmed to mark a way to this app for the Windows Phones.

Recently, a team of Microsoft Portugal commented on one of the social sites that the app will soon be available on Windows stores. Soon after this another comment apologizing for releasing such a comment was issued that promised to keep customers complaints on priority and the team committed to steps in the direction of bringing this Pokemon Go app to their Windows stores.

Pokemon Go game has received many reviews from other customers who have used the app on other platforms and the review results are mixed with some of the customers unhappy with the technical glitches that came at the launch of this app.

So, the company is still under confusion whether it can assure its customers that the game will surely come to the Windows Store or not. However, there may be the case when the company sends out their confidential information and confirm that the Pokemon Go app on its way to the Windows phone. In any of the case, Windows customers will have to wait till the company gives 100% confirmation on game entry to the Microsoft’s mobile stores.

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